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Learnbeyond is a single platform that integrates the best of technology, interface and content to provide an unparalleled online learning experience. The platform was initially conceived as, an exam engine to help students in getting through the highly competitive Tests. Since gaining popularity amongst the student community for its usefulness and effectiveness, the platform was evolved to its current avatar and rebranded as Learnbeyond. Built by a team of developers and project managers with a genuine passion of learning, Learnbeyond has come to be.
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Engage with Organizational Learning and Development experts

In today’s economy, businesses need to be more focused with their learning budgets than ever before. But more importantly, global businesses are increasingly looking at organizational learning outcomes as key drivers of growth. How do you balance the two? Learnbeyond offers cloud based eLearning solutions that covering both the technology and the content, that are custom built for your organization’s needs. Leveraging its vast experience in eLearning.
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Extend learning possibilities beyond the classroom

Extend learning possibilities beyond the classroom With Learnbeyond which has a successful social media campaign in cooperation with the right company such as The Marketing Heaven, it's a hassle-free access to courses, 24x7! Armed with web enabled PC/mobile/Tablet device, students can attend school, take assignments and participate in discussions from virtually anywhere. With easy-to-use and innovative teaching tools, Learnbeyond has a built-in dynamic mechanism which caters to the learning exigencies.
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