Soma S Gidugu, Co-Founder & Vice President

Learnbeyond is a single platform that integrates the best of technology, interface and content to provide an unparalleled online learning experience. The platform was initially conceived as, an exam engine to help students in getting through the highly competitive Tests. Since gaining popularity amongst the student community for its usefulness and effectiveness, the platform was evolved to its current avatar and rebranded as Learnbeyond. Built by a team of developers and project managers with a genuine passion of learning, Learnbeyond has come to be known as the standard in eLearning by its users today website here.

The company behind the product, also known as Learnbeyond, is the brain child of a visionary team of people from the fields of information technology and education. Their collective experience in eLearning amounts to more than a 100 person-years.

Mani Gidugu, President

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" Our partnership with Learnbeyond has resulted in the development of a highquality LMS that is user-friendly and enhances the power to deliver online education using 21st century tools."

-Phil Butto, Director, Mahoning Unlimited Classroom, Ohio

" We are impressed with the ease of use of Learnbeyond. It takes less than an hour for students and two hours for teachers to train on how to use. It is userfriendly, logical and intuitive."