Create a virtual learning world within your school

Learnbeyond empowers schools to transition all activities that happen in a classroom to an interactive, web-based environment. So that students, teachers, administrators and parents have 24×7, location-independent access to courseware, virtual classrooms, assessments, performance metrics, tutoring schedules and discussions.

Learnbeyond’s mission is to deliver comprehensive world-class eLearning capabilities to schools and school districts, with state-of-the-art integrated tools, resulting in a new eLearning standard. Learnbeyond improves school performance by helping educators incorporate the best of technology and curriculum while creating an active online community of knowledge seekers, educators and school administrators along the way.

Benefits to Schools

  • Being offered either as a cloud-based or as an on-premise offering, but managed by Learnbeyond, the eLearning solution frees schools from the vagaries of technology cycles, needing them to only maintain web-enabled PCs/devices.
  • Learnbeyond lets teachers to customize the content and devise courses and exams to suit students learning needs.
  • Schools have the option to choose a version which comes pre-loaded with curriculum based on appropriate State standards
  • Learnbeyond’s robust Learning and Content Management Systems empower schools to launch virtual schools quickly and conduct eTutoring and eConferencing.
  • Learnbeyond strengthens schools current online offerings and helps them in complying with standards of each State, while ensuring that the scores of students remain competitive.
  • Learnbeyond’s flexible and open architecture allows for seamless integration of new educational applications inducted by schools in future