+Create a virtual learning world within your school
Learnbeyond empowers schools to transition all activities that happen in a classroom to an interactive, web-based environment. So that students, teachers, administrators and parents have 24×7, location-independent access to courseware, virtual classrooms, assessments, performance metrics, tutoring schedules and discussions.

Learnbeyond’s mission is to deliver comprehensive world-class eLearning capabilities to schools and school districts, with state-of-the-art integrated tools, resulting in a new eLearning standard. Learnbeyond improves school performance by helping educators incorporate the best of technology and curriculum while creating an active online community of knowledge seekers, educators and school administrators along the way.

Benefits to Schools

  • Being offered either as a cloud-based or as an on-premise offering, but managed by Learnbeyond, the eLearning solution frees schools from the vagaries of technology cycles, needing them to only maintain web-enabled PCs/devices.
  • Learnbeyond lets teachers to customize the content and devise courses and exams to suit students learning needs.
  • Schools have the option to choose a version which comes pre-loaded with curriculum based on appropriate State standards
  • Learnbeyond’s robust Learning and Content Management Systems empower schools to launch virtual schools quickly and conduct eTutoring and eConferencing.
  • Learnbeyond strengthens schools current online offerings and helps them in complying with standards of each State, while ensuring that the scores of students remain competitive.
  • Learnbeyond’s flexible and open architecture allows for seamless integration of new educational applications inducted by schools in future

Our School Products

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Learnbeyond LMS: Makes it easy and fun to learn

Learnbeyond LMS provides all the relevant tools and resources to help learners access online classes and attain proficiency and excellence. It equips learners with the latest tools in interactive and collaborative learning.

Interactive Communication Tools

ChatAllows users to chat with teachers or other students and discuss topics or clarify doubts; allows for saving of chats for future reference.

EmailOne can receive assignments or homework from teachers and submit the papers via a custom-built email.

Live Board:It’s just like a white board in the classroom, but with a complete, real-time, online capability.It allows students to learn collaboratively or even have a teacher explain a topic to them.

Discussion Forums:Enables students to discuss homework, tutoring schedules, school events, announcements, etc. with other students, teachers and school administrators.

eClassroom :This powerful feature allows a teacher to conduct a class completely online.

Useful Productivity Tools

Calendar / Organizer:Helps manage tutoring schedules and other appointments, by setting alerts and triggering timely reminders.

DashboardAllows customization of students viewing, in line with courses of their interest. It visually depicts their progress and the pending courses, if any.

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Learnbeyond Course Builder: Empowering teachers and instructors

Learnbeyond CourseBuilder helps teachers and instructors jumpstart the development of courseware by using a revolutionary system of eLearning content assimilation and deployment. It features an intuitive user interface, rapid course generation, powerful templates and automatic generation of navigation elements, chapter, and course indexes. Developed courses can easily be deployed on the Learnbeyond LMS. While multiple revisions are always part of any course development process, the Course Builder reduces development time drastically and slashes production costs significantly.

Course Builder features

  • Easy-to-use
  • Visual Content Editor
  • Rich Media
  • Assignment Editor
  • Assessment Editor
  • Question Editor
  • Workflows
  • Templates
  • Custom Navigation
  • Collaborative
  • Easy-to-publish
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Solutions offering for Schools

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Learnbeyond K12 Option II Solutions Program

Learnbeyond’s K12 Option II Program allows schools to provide enhanced educational opportunities for all students through the use of multiple and diverse pathways, including On-Line Courses taken at a nationally certified institution. Option II allows for the design and implementation of programs to meet the needs of all students. Students are permitted to earn credit toward graduation through Option II learning experiences. These experiences include, but are not limited to: interdisciplinary or theme-based programs, independent study, early college credit, magnet programs, student exchange programs, distance learning, on-line learning, work-based programs, internships, service learning, co-curricular or extra-curricular programs, and/or other structured learning experiences. In addition, Option II allows for group programs based upon specific instructional objects that meet or exceed Core Curriculum Content Standards.

Learnbeyond is an effective platform that enables students to learn at their own pace, but also provides Unit Pretests to exempt students from previously-mastered concepts. Finally, Learnbeyond’s communications tools provide an excellent method for instructor supervision during the learning process. Such tools allow students to catch up on failed or missed work and get back on track with their goals and careers!

Find more details about Learnbeyond K12 Option II Solutions Program at

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Learnbeyond K12 Credit Recovery

Learnbeyond’s K12 Credit Recovery is an ideal program that helps students who have failed a course to “recover” credit by redoing the course work, or at least redoing the work which they failed to master in the original course. Learnbeyond is an effective platform that enables students to learn at their own pace, but also provides Unit Pretests to exempt students from previously-mastered concepts. Finally, Learnbeyond’s communications tools provide an excellent method for instructor supervision during the learning process. Such tools allow students to catch up on failed or missed work and get back on track with their goals and careers!

Learnbeyond’s accredited educators supervise student progress and award credits based upon student achievement.

  • Students are advised to inform their respective Guidance Counselors that they will be completing Learnbeyond Online Courses to earn required credits which can be accessed online.
  • The Learnbeyond Team reviews the request and assigns one of the certified teachers to work with a student.
  • After successful registration, students can access the courses whenever and wherever they want at the comfort of their homes or school.
  • Students will be guided to spend the required amount of time going through the Study material and they will be able to submit assignments/assessments online in order to earn credits. Based on the amount of time spent working in the course each day, a student can complete most courses in 4 to 5 weeks (the maximum allowed time is 10 weeks from the date of enrollment).
  • The student’s activities and work will be actively monitored and evaluated by certified teachers online.
  • Learnbeyond provides a certificate of completion after successful review of all the required work including assignments/assessments by a certified teacher so the local school can apply credit to the student’s transcript.

Find more details about Learnbeyond k12 credit recovery at

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Reinforce/Enhance Classroom Learning

This Learnbeyond system may be used by teachers to extend the walls of the classroom and expand previously taught concepts by giving them the tools to ask probing, factual, divergent and higher order questions. It gives the students the ability to research and explore a concept at their own pace which will only enhance the learning process

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K12 Benchmark Assessment

Learnbeyond’s Benchmark Assessment Solution serve as one component of a coherent, comprehensive, and continuous assessment system explicitly designed to provide the unfolding data needed to serve the Classroom, Schools, and District’s needs.

School Highlights

Benchmark Assessments are tests administered periodically throughout the school year, at specified times during a curriculum sequence, to evaluate students’ knowledge and skills relative to an explicit set of longer-term learning goals based on the Common Core and State Standards.

Learnbeyond’s Benchmark Assessments are well aligned with curriculum to provide a continuous stream of information to plan and guide instruction and professional development.

Learnbeyond’s benchmark assessment solution leverages technology to deliver assessments and provide comprehensive reporting that enables schools to effectively evaluate their students and improve performance. To learn more about Learnbeyond’s benchmark assessment solution, please contact one of our education specialists at:

Find more details about Learnbeyond Benchmark Assessments at

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About LearnK12 Online Homeschool Portal is an online K12 home tutoring portal which has courses in all subjects using a standard-based, complete curriculum meant for Elementary, Middle, and High School students. The system combines multimedia-rich materials with the aid of American-certified teachers to allow students to reach their maximum potential in any subject.

Assignments and assessments are offered to run a vigorous curriculum, while maintaining a fun and exciting learning atmosphere. Using the chat, e-mail, and discussion-forum features, students can collaborate not only with tutors 24/7, but also other students. This eliminates doubts and questions during homework assignments and allows students to discuss and clarify topics with others in order to maximize their learning experience. The eClassroom and Liveboard features allow the student to personally interact with teachers through a virtual lesson and live tutoring, in order to master complex topics quickly. also includes a calendar/organizer feature, reminders, and a dashboard so that students and parents can easily access assignments and work out their own learning schedules

Find more details about Learnk12 at

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" Our partnership with Learnbeyond has resulted in the development of a highquality LMS that is user-friendly and enhances the power to deliver online education using 21st century tools."

-Phil Butto, Director, Mahoning Unlimited Classroom, Ohio

" We are impressed with the ease of use of Learnbeyond. It takes less than an hour for students and two hours for teachers to train on how to use. It is userfriendly, logical and intuitive."