New Jersey Option II Program

Learnbeyond’s K12 Option II Program allows schools to provide enhanced educational opportunities for all students through the use of multiple and diverse pathways, including On-Line Courses taken at a nationally certified institution. Option II allows for the design and implementation of programs to meet the needs of all students. Students are permitted to earn credit toward graduation through Option II learning experiences. These experiences include, but are not limited to: interdisciplinary or theme-based programs, independent study, early college credit, magnet programs, student exchange programs, distance learning, on-line learning, work-based programs, internships, service learning, co-curricular or extra-curricular programs, and/or other structured learning experiences. In addition, Option II allows for group programs based upon specific instructional objects that meet or exceed Core Curriculum Content Standards click this over here now.

Learnbeyond is an effective platform that enables students to learn at their own pace, but also provides Unit Pretests to exempt students from previously-mastered concepts. Finally, Learnbeyond’s communications tools provide an excellent method for instructor supervision during the learning process. Such tools allow students to catch up on failed or missed work and get back on track with their goals and careers!

Find more details about Learnbeyond K12 Option II Solutions Program at www.k12creditrecovery.com

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" Our partnership with Learnbeyond has resulted in the development of a highquality LMS that is user-friendly and enhances the power to deliver online education using 21st century tools."

-Phil Butto, Director, Mahoning Unlimited Classroom, Ohio

" We are impressed with the ease of use of Learnbeyond. It takes less than an hour for students and two hours for teachers to train on how to use. It is userfriendly, logical and intuitive."