Learnbeyond’s K12 Credit Recovery

Learnbeyond’s K12 Credit Recovery is an ideal program that helps students who have failed a course to “recover” credit by redoing the course work, or at least redoing the work which they failed to master in the original course. Learnbeyond is an effective platform that enables students to learn at their own pace, but also provides Unit Pretests to exempt students from previously-mastered concepts. Finally, Learnbeyond’s communications tools provide an excellent method for instructor supervision during the learning process. Such tools allow students to catch up on failed or missed work and get back on track with their goals and careers find out here now!

Learnbeyond’s accredited educators supervise student progress and award credits based upon student achievement.

  • Students are advised to inform their respective Guidance Counselors that they will be completing Learnbeyond Online Courses to earn required credits which can be accessed online.
  • The Learnbeyond Team reviews the request and assigns one of the certified teachers to work with a student.
  • After successful registration, students can access the courses whenever and wherever they want at the comfort of their homes or school.
  • Students will be guided to spend the required amount of time going through the Study material and they will be able to submit assignments/assessments online in order to earn credits. Based on the amount of time spent working in the course each day, a student can complete most courses in 4 to 5 weeks (the maximum allowed time is 10 weeks from the date of enrollment).
  • The student’s activities and work will be actively monitored and evaluated by certified teachers online.
  • Learnbeyond provides a certificate of completion after successful review of all the required work including assignments/assessments by a certified teacher so the local school can apply credit to the student’s transcript.

Find more details about Learnbeyond’s k12 credit recovery program at www.k12creditrecovery.com

For more information call us at toll-free 1-855-28-LEARN (855-285-3276)

Or email info@learnbeyond.com