Learnbeyond’s Benchmark Assessment Solution

Learnbeyond’s Benchmark Assessment Solution serve as one component of a coherent, comprehensive, and continuous assessment system explicitly designed to provide the unfolding data needed to serve the Classroom, Schools, and District’s needs.

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Benchmark Assessments are tests administered periodically throughout the school year, at specified times during a curriculum sequence, to evaluate students’ knowledge and skills relative to an explicit set of longer-term learning goals based on the Common Core and State Standards.

Learnbeyond’s Benchmark Assessments are well aligned with curriculum to provide a continuous stream of information to plan and guide instruction and professional development.

Learnbeyond’s benchmark assessment solution leverages technology to deliver assessments and provide comprehensive reporting that enables schools to effectively evaluate their students and improve performance. To learn more about Learnbeyond’s benchmark assessment solution, please contact one of our education specialists at: k12assessments@learnbeyond.com

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" Our partnership with Learnbeyond has resulted in the development of a highquality LMS that is user-friendly and enhances the power to deliver online education using 21st century tools."

-Phil Butto, Director, Mahoning Unlimited Classroom, Ohio

" We are impressed with the ease of use of Learnbeyond. It takes less than an hour for students and two hours for teachers to train on how to use. It is userfriendly, logical and intuitive."