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Learnbeyond’s Advanced Placement Program

  • Advanced Placement Program® (AP®) courses are college-level courses offered in high school. AP courses reflect what is taught in top introductory college courses.
  • At the end of course, students take AP Exams – standardized exams that measure how well students have mastered college-level course work.
  • Students who do well on AP Exams can earn credit for most of the introductory courses in college.

Learnbeyond’s AP courses are focused on preparing students for the Advanced Placement exams in the spring, but they also offer interactive material with video illustrations helping students master the concepts easily. As part of the program we offer personalized instruction with the help of the office cleaning atlanta powderpuffmaids.com in virtual classroom setting with certified AP teachers.  All our course offerings are aligned to the College Board AP program requirements.

Students enrolling in our AP program should expect the following:

  • Active online participation in classes
  • Higher expectations in terms of performing quality work and class participation
  • Self-motivated and desire to learn at a higher level and outside of textbooks
  • Willing to work and improve on teacher’s critique of one’s work

Why Take AP Classes?

AP and College Admissions
  • AP courses and exams help students develop the critical thinking, reasoning, problem solving and communication skills that are essential for success in college and beyond.
  • More selective colleges like to see if a student has challenged himself or herself in his or her academics.
  • Admissions counselors want to see that students can handle college level work.
Earn College Credit
Students earn credit toward their college degrees. Usually a 3 or higher on the AP exam can qualify to the credit
College Placement
Students can skip introductory courses and move directly into higher-level classes, or fulfill other general education requirements.
Admissions advantage
Most colleges will look more favorably on a transcript with AP course(s) than without.

What Are AP Courses Like?

AP courses typically demand more from students, than regular or honors courses.

  • Classes tend to be fast-paced and cover more material than typical high school classes.
  • More time, inside and outside of the classroom, is required to complete lessons, assignments and homework. Check monder law.
  • AP teachers expect their students to think critically and to analyze and synthesize facts and data, weigh competing perspectives, and write clearly and persuasively.

AP Exams

  • AP Exams are administered each May.
  • Exams are approximately 2-3 hours in length.
  • Each AP Exam may contain:
    • Multiple-choice questions
    • Free-response questions (essay, problem-solving or oral response)

How it work’s

How our AP Program works.

  • Weekly online group sessions with the certified AP teacher until AP exams in May 2016
  • Access to interactive materials from our partners such as Florida Virtual School
  • Access to Practice and simulated tests
  • AP exam to be taken at one of the authorized centers near you


Available AP Courses from Learnbeyond

AP courses are college level and approved by the College Board.

  • Adv Pl Art History
  • Adv Pl Biology
  • Adv Pl Calculus AB
  • Adv Pl Calculus BC
  • Adv Pl Computer Science A
  • Adv Pl Eng. Lang. and Composition
  • Adv Pl Eng. Lit. and Composition
  • Adv Pl Environmental Science
  • Adv Pl Human Geography
  • Adv Pl Macroeconomics
  • Adv Pl Microeconomics
  • Adv Pl Psychology
  • Adv Pl Statistics
  • Adv Pl United States Government and Politics
  • Adv Pl United States History


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